Why We're Here.

The mission of the Middlebury Energy Committee is to promote energy savings and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in order to preserve the character and environment of Middlebury.

We make energy-wise recommendations to the town and educate and engage our community.

The Middlebury Energy Committee meets on the third Wednesday of each month at 8:15 a.m. in theTown Offices Small Meeting Room. All are welcome.

A sustainable Middlebury is a better Middlebury.

Our work is divided into three primary arenas: energy efficiency, transportation, and renewable energy, all under the guidance of long-term planning.

We’re excited to explore the pairing of new technology with basic principles, the mixing of fresh ideas with traditional practicality. We’re focusing on Middlebury, with an awareness of much more.


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Agendas & Minutes

Energy Committee

July 1, 2015   Agenda  Minutes

Aug 5, 2015   Agenda  Minutes

Aug 12, 2015   Agenda  Minutes

Sept 2, 2015   Agenda  Minutes

Oct 7, 2015   Agenda  Minutes

Nov 4, 2015   Agenda  Minutes

Dec 9, 2015   Agenda  Minutes

Jan 13, 2016   Agenda  Minutes

Feb 10, 2016   Agenda  Minutes

Mar 9, 2016   Agenda  Minutes

Apr 13, 2016   Agenda  Minutes

May 11, 2016   Agenda  Minutes

June 8, 2016   Agenda  Minutes

July 20, 2016   Agenda  Minutes

Aug 17, 2016   Agenda  Minutes

Sept 21, 2016   Agenda  Minutes

Oct 19, 2016   Agenda  Minutes

Nov 16, 2016   Agenda  Minutes

Nov 30, 2016   Agenda  Minutes

Dec 21, 2016   Agenda  Minutes

Jan 18, 2017   Agenda  Minutes

Feb 15, 2017   Agenda  Minutes

Mar 17, 2017   Agenda  Minutes

Apr 12, 2017   Agenda  Minutes

Apr 19, 2017   Agenda  Minutes